Joe Biden’s administration is a joke: Texas Lt. Gov has harsh words (video)

Texas Lieutenant Gov. Dan Patrick on third bus from Texas carrying migrants to D.C. in protest of President Biden’s border policies.
WATCH the video:


Texas Lieutenant Gov. Dan Patrick’s words come in response to White House press secretary Jen Psaki commenting about the buses of migrants being shipped from Texas to Washington, DC (watch the video of it).

Patrick stated the following:
DAN PATRICK: She’s a joke, and the administration is a joke. People are dying, sex trafficking, and fentanyl coming into the country. Under the first full four years of the Biden administration, it’s possible he will allow more people in the country than live in Texas today. 29 million? I’ve had it with her, I’ve had it with him, the vice president, their secretary of ICE, and Homeland Security because they are doing nothing. They have not pushed back. 1 out of five could be here illegally by 2024. They make a joke of it. 

People are dying, getting killed, our country is being lost, and they sit there and smirk and make jokes. I don’t have any time for her. These are not serious people. They don’t know what they are talking about, never been to the border, and Texas will stand tall, will do everything we can. And I hope we can get back to the Supreme Court, where they will say under the new court we have a right to protect our citizens and American citizens beyond the Texas border.

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