Five members of Joe Biden’s family have been to rehab

Five members of Joe Biden’s immediate family have gone to rehabilitation for drug or alcohol abuse, according to
Frank, the government’s brother, his kids Ashley and Hunter, his cousin Caroline, and his late child’s widow, Hallie, who later became Hunter’s fiancée, have all battled addiction and spent time in treatment clinics, some on the orders of a judge.
In-text messages to Hunter, Joe referred to his son’s addiction as a sickness from mother and me.’
When he was chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee in the late 1980s and early 1990s, he criticized George Bush Sr1980s .’s War on Drugs for being “not aggressive enough.” He wrote punitive legislation with tougher terms for drug offenses.
According to an October 2020 New York Times article, Joe Biden is a teetotaler after witnessing the ravages of alcoholism on his favorite uncle, whom he lived with as a youngster.
When photographs and texts from his abandoned laptop were leaked to the media last year, the President’s errant son became the poster child for drug addiction’s disastrous consequences. Images and texts from his abandoned laptop slipped into the hands of the media, exposing his descent into crack smoking and shady affairs with prostitutes.
Nevertheless, messages on the computer reveal revealed Biden Hallie, his brother Beau’s wife who became his girlfriend after Beau died of a brain tumor in 2015, had been to rehabilitation four times for a total cost of over $100,000, with part of it purportedly paid for and by Joe Biden.
‘It’s been three months because you’ve told me and anybody else who’ll listen that I’m looking for a long-term relationship.’ It’ll be here before you know it. ‘Caron [a treatment center in Pennsylvania and Florida] is far more accessible to my children and father,’ he said.
She sent Hunter a text advising him not to date their brother’s widow, Hallie, saying his love for her was motivated by his addiction.
‘I ‘liked’ xxxx because he let me use + was unconcerned about it. Then I went sober, and it’s been the craziest mental f*** I’ve ever experienced. I wasn’t really experiencing any of those emotions. ‘It was the drug,’ says the narrator.
Meanwhile, Joe Biden suggests Putin is a war criminal, so at least he’s got that going.

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