During a recent press conference, President Joe Biden claimed that, despite record high inflation and an economy in turmoil, the Democrats are fiscally responsible. WATCH the video below:

When he declared Democrats have a grip on the economy, the president was delivering remarks. “We the Democrats are the ones that are fiscally responsible,” said Biden. “Let’s get that straight now,” he added, per a report on Daily Caller.

On several occasions, Biden also said that the Republicans would tank the economy if they win the midterms. “The Republican leadership in Congress has made it clear they will crash the economy next year by threatening the full faith and credit of the United States for the first time in our history, putting the United States in a default unless we yield to their demand to cut Social Security and Medicare,” said the president.

This is what Biden said during a separate press briefing: “We’ve got an election in a month. Voters have to decide, Democrats are working to bring down the cost of things and to talk about the kitchen table, prescription drugs, to health insurance and energy bills and so much more. Standing up for working people, the right to get a raise and get a better job. Republicans are campaigning every day, on an agenda to raise your costs.”

“If Republicans win, inflation is going to get worse. It’s that simple,” Biden concluded.

Biden also said that the price of gas is “still too high,” and blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, the pandemic, and the global economic challenges. “Because of my economic plan, we are better positioned than any other major economy in the world, to weather the challenges and come through this a stronger country,” said Biden.

Polls show voters are highly concerned about the current state of the economy, despite Biden’s insistence, and that they don’t trust Democrats to handle the issue.

A whopping 93% of voters are concerned with inflation, as a Morning Consult/Politico poll released recently has found, with three out of four Democrats polled saying the economy would play a role in their voting decision.

46% of voters trusted Republicans in Congress to handle inflation while 37% trust Democrats, as per the same poll, while 43% of Independents said they trusted Republicans would better handle the issue.

In another recent poll, released by a Trafalgar Group/Convention of States Action, it was shown that 58.9% of respondents believe a Democrat-controlled Congress would hurt the economy compared to 41.1% who think it would improve the economy.

As the economy sees near record high inflation levels, these kinds of polls just keep coming. After rising by 8.3% in August, 8.6% in July, and 9.1% in June, the Consumer Price Index increased 8.2% year-over-year in September. The cost of food increased at the same rate as in August, which is by 0.8% in September. The cost of food away from home jumped 8.5%, while the cost of food at home is up 13%.

Photo: Twitter video screencap

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