Joe Biden cries during speech before inauguration day, says “I only have one regret…”

President-elect Joe Biden gave an emotional speech on the day before his official inauguration as the President of the United States. He spoke about his one big regret and many felt his sentiment as his tears fell.


WATCH Joe Biden’s speech and emotional moment from the Delaware event:

Biden was speaking in Wilmington, Delaware, during a sendoff type of event before he embarks on a four year journey in the White House, a place he’s very familiar with, but this time being the commander-in-chief opposed to his previous eight-year role as Vice President.

He will begin his transition to power and have inauguration tomorrow, but today was about giving people a quick speech and making his way from one town to another.

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During Biden’s emotional speech in Wilmington, he began talking about his late son, Beau Biden. The soon-to-be president was quoted saying the following of Beau: “Excuse the emotion, but when I die, Delaware will be written on my heart. And the hearts of all. We love you all. You’ve been there for us in the good and the bad. You never walked away. And I am proud, proud, proud to be a son of Delaware… And I am even more proud to be standing here doing this from the Major Beau Biden facility. Ladies and gentlemen, I only have one regret. He’s not here. Because we should be introducing him as president.”

Joe Biden’s inauguration begins at 12 noon, EST, on January 20, 2021. DC is on high-alert and the National Guard has established a presence to provide extra security, as suggested by a military general in the video below:

A complete viewers guide to the Joe Biden inauguration can be found on NBC News.


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