President-elect Joe Biden is considering New York Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo for the job of attorney general, per a report by the Associated Press.

Cuomo is one of four potential candidates for the position. The others are Alabama Sen. Doug Jones, Merrick Garland who is a federal appeals court judge, and Sally Yates who is a former Deputy Attorney General.

The Associated Press stated that their source was acting anonymously as they were not yet able to authorize the information, but they also stated that Biden has made no official decision at this time.

These four candidates are simply a possibility, but by no means a definite option.

AP stated that Cuomo has not responded for comments, then suggested it’s not very clear how big Cuomo’s chances are of landing the job. Cuomo was highly criticized by President Donald Trump and Republicans, particularly for how he managed New York during the pandemic.

Cuomo also previously stated that the role of attorney general is rather important when he was asked about it weeks ago. As stated on AP:

It was also not immediately clear how seriously Cuomo was being considered or how any nomination of him would be greeted by either Republicans, given Cuomo’s antagonistic relationship with President Donald Trump, or by civil rights activists who have encouraged Biden to build a diverse cabinet.

Cuomo has been asked in recent weeks about his interest in the attorney general spot. Just this week, he said in a public radio interview in New York, “I have no intention to run for president or vice president, or go to the administration.” But he said the attorney general job “is really critical, especially now.”

Cuomo was a state attorney general before, so he has experience in the role. He’s been the  governor of New York for about nine years.

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