J.K. Rowling is well-known worldwide for her best-selling book “Harry Potter.” However, in recent years, she has ignited international debate by openly asserting that biological sex exists and that it is essential.

For years, the author has refused to embrace a pro-transgender ideology, and more lately, she has opposed Scotland’s new law enforcement policy that allows accused rapists to self-identify as female. She made fun of the law on social media, thus becoming the target of so-called “cancel” campaigns.

Rowling came close to winning the “Person of the Year” title despite the controversy after people in the United Kingdom voted for her in an online survey. As it turned out, she appeared to be the unwelcome candidate in the eyes of The Guardian, which conducted the survey before hastily canceling it when the author seized the lead. The polling disappeared along with the results up to that point.

The Daily Wire openly said that the readers of the British daily The Guardian were accusing the publication of canceling the online poll for the Person of the Year after it became clear that J.K. Rowling would win.

On social media, the comments disapproved of the Guardian’s decision to cancel the polling, claiming that it was apparent that Rowling was going to win it, describing the move as cowardly.

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Rowling was in the lead when the polling vanished, and the Guardian refused to give any explanations on the subject.