First Lady Jill Biden turned heads this weekend when she donned a pair of fishnet tights, setting up the stage for a massive amount of tweeting over the outfit. Twitter was flushed with tons of people tweeting one direction or the other about her outfit, comparing her to Melania Trump, Madonna, and going off on wild tangents right and left.

Some users liked Biden’s outfit, some did not, and the amount of attention one pair of floral-patterned fishnet tights gathered was nothing less than massively viral.

Jill Biden, 69, wore this outfit on April 1st as she stepped off Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland.

Some users stated the following:

“Madonna called and wants her trashy look back, Doc,” wrote a Twitter user.

Another added, “They might be expensive but she looks trashy as heck dressed like that. What an embarrassment of 1st lady.”

But others defended Biden’s edgier look.

“It’s Dr. FLOTUS Jill Biden to you, and she can wear what she wants,” wrote another.

As one can see, the reactions were quite vibrant for the presidential figure. Some had even compared her to Melania Trump and began discussing fashion tips for First Ladies.

Reading the mixed reactions to Jill Biden’s outfit was nothing less than entertaining.

Photo source: Twitter

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