First lady Jill Biden was ripped a new one by journalist Lara Logan. The journalist called the First lady out and accused her of covering up, what Logan claims to be “dementia” despite Logan not having any medical or professional professional evidence about President Joe Biden’s official cognitive state. It is Logan’s opinion, but an opinion that many might share. Logan’s statement was a response to a New York Times opinion piece by a member of their editorial board that mocked Republican candidates having their wives act as major parts of their campaigns.

Michelle Cottle wrote: “The notion that there is some meaningful insight about a candidate to be had from his spouse praising him in ads or defending him in interviews or simply appearing at his campaign events is weak at best. Gov. Ron DeSantis’s wife, Casey, may genuinely believe he’s the cat’s pajamas; that doesn’t change the guy’s disturbing authoritarian Trumpiness.”

Logan savaged Jill Biden when asked about the New York Times piece by Newsmax’s Eric Bolling, said Daily Wire. “I believe in following the facts and the truth – and finding the principles – and there’s a principle here in what you’re talking about, right? Which is that you’re never going to see the New York Times doing an article about the fact that Jill Biden is propping up her husband,” Logan snapped.

She declared, saying: “I mean, if you want to know something that is truly reprehensible and disgusting, here is this woman who knows that her husband has dementia, and yet she’s lying to the whole country.”

She’s lying to her own base, lying to her own supporters. I mean, if there’s anything nauseating about what anyone’s spouse is doing, it’s really quite extraordinary to watch this woman trying to cover up with for the absolute embarrassment that passes for a cognizant human being in the president today,” she added.

Cottle wrote at the end of her diatribe: “Women who value the ability to control their own bodies should make clear at the polls that they are too smart to fall for this lazy whitewashing.”

Logan then made a comment that the Times piece arose out of desperation at the GOP’s chances in November. “This article is very small. We’ve become very, very small across the New York Times and much of the media. To me, it’s really an act of desperation, because the vast majority of people in this country see through these tactics, right? They know it’s not nice to talk about people like that in your personal life yet alone in the newspapers,” she asserted.

It should be noted that President Joe Biden does not currently have a medically diagnosed condition of dementia. His cognitive state is a talking point and many people believe he might be affected by it, but it cannot be officially stated unless a medical professional diagnoses him and states it.

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