Amy Schneider became the highest-earning female contestant in the history of Jeopardy! Amy is a man who identifies as a woman and is the show’s first transgender participant.

Schneider won for the 18th time in a row, beating Larissa Kelly, the former record-setter. Schneider has already earned $706,800 on the game show, with the possibility of winning even more money.

Following the announcement of the historical event, Kelly congratulated Schneider, saying that it was great to hold the record for so long, but it was way better watching Amy set the new standards for Jeopardy.

Schneider replied, saying that she was honored to be in Kelly’s company and was looking forward to the day when another woman beats them both.

Schneider would make “game show history” if she wins again on Tuesday, according to NBC News. If she succeeds, she will have a tie with Julia Collins, who had the most consecutive wins among the show’s female contestants in 2014.

Schneider isn’t the first biological male to win a prize by eliminating a biological female. Lia Thomas, a swimmer from the University of Pennsylvania, has been crushing girls left and right, as The Daily Wire recently reported. She annihilated the biological women in the competition and left them far behind her, easily winning the race.

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