I feel amazing: ‘Jeopardy!’ Tournament of Champions winner gets $250k

Amy Schneider won the ‘Jeopardy!’ Tournament of Champions. Schneider said that winning felt amazing. After defeating  opponents three times, Schneider took home the $250,000 top prize. Schneider had a record-breaking 40-game winning streak, which ended on January 26. As a result, Schneider is now the most successful female contestant in Jeopardy! history. Schneider is ranked No. 2 all-time for consecutive wins, trailing only Ken Jennings, who has 74 victories. Schneider used to be a software engineering manager.


Schneider is the first transgender competitor to earn a spot in the Tournament of Champions and took a lot of criticism because Schneider is a biological male. Schneider kept the lead before betting $13,000 on the last clue for a total score of $28,600, winning the tournament despite not discovering the Daily Doubles in a previous game, reported People.

The lady played against Andrew He and Sam Buttrey. He and Schneider previously competed against one another in Jeopardy! Schneider broke He’s five-game winning streak at the time, which was their first encounter as rivals. According to Schneider’s remark, Schneider knew that He was a tough enemy. Schneider was glad to get a fair chance to compete fairly and would love to play against the man someday again.

In a recent interviews, Schneider said that Schneider has been auditioning for the show for over ten years. Schneider explained that right after the first episode, members of the LGBTQ+ community started sending messages, and that made Schneider realize that Schneider was making people’s lives better. Schneider said the experience of participating was just as meaningful as the prize money, which was about $1.4 million.

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