Jennette McCurdy claims she turned down $300K ‘Hush Money’ from Nickelodeon

Jenette McCurdy, best known for her role in iCarly, claims she turned down $300,000 from Nickelodeon if she agreed to stay quiet about her experiences working with the network. The actress, now 31, claimed the massive network made the offer after she was done working on the Sam & Cat show, dating back to 2014.


McCurdy talks about the money in her new book where she said: “this feels to me like hush money” and she declined the offer. She’s been vocal about her experiences with Nickelodeon ever since.¬† McCurdy also makes a startling claim in her book, saying she was encouraged to drink when she was at work – despite being underage, and someone took photos of her during a wadrobe fitting, but she was wearing only a bikini – sounds creepy, right?

According to a report by Newsweek, McCurdy referred to the person responsible for the aforementioned situations as the “creator” but did not specifically name the person.

The book title is another story because it will get your attention very quickly, but it’s based on McCurdy’s life experiences which may be different than many others.¬†McCurdy’s book is called I’m Glad My Mom Died and focuses on the relationship she had with her mother, and also talks about her life as a young star celebrity.


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