White House press secretary Jean-Pierre was mocked on social media after accidentally saying “We have created nearly ten thousand million jobs since President Biden took office.” That number is clearly incorrect, but she met the face of fury in the social media comment section.



The number Jean-Pierre may have meant to say was 315,00. According to an NPR report, the government suggests that amount of jobs was created in August of 2022. “Employers added 315,000 jobs in August, according to a report from the Labor Department. The unemployment rate rose to 3.7% from 3.5% in July, but only because nearly 800,000 new people entered the workforce. Employment gains for June and July were revised down by a total of 107,000 jobs.”

It remains unclear how many of those jobs are actually new jobs compared to people simply going back to work  – and the job having always been there. Perhaps the definition of adding jobs is people simply going to work like they always have, but at a different job. When the government says they added a certain number of jobs, is that just people taking on new jobs they didn’t have before? This will always be up for debate with Republicans and Democrats.

One thing Democrats and Republicans can’t argue about is inflation, as these numbers still don’t look good and prices for things are mostly still up for the average American citizen. One major problem in America is that rent is out of control and landlords are raising prices through the roof, especially big management companies that run apartment complexes. The random every day landlord isn’t doing this, but a lot of the big management companies are raising rent prices so high that they are now more than your typical mortgage.

For example, my old mortgage on a 15 year loan was $1300, then my second mortgage was $1500 – both for a decent sized home with three bedrooms. Nothing fancy, just a row home and a single home. Where I live now is a rental and the rent is $1650+ utilities. It’s just a basic two bedroom apartment and it’s more expensive then the properties I once owned. How is that even legal? The whole reason people move into apartments is because they can’t afford to buy a home at that point and they’re saving. Renting should be cheaper than owning, but the housing and rental market is literally out of control so bad that everything is inflated.

Homes that used to cost $169,000 are now up near $300,000. Obviously the sub-200k row home in Northeast Philadelphia isn’t worth $300k, but that’s HOW BAD this rental and mortgage economy is. That’s all thanks to inflation messing everything up and the government pumping out little miniature statistics to make people feel better – but it’s not fixing anything, is it?

Prices are still high and inflation is out of control, so until we see this market burst and laws put in place to stop management companies from raising rent 10% like they just did for me – then we’re in for some bad, expensive days.

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