Jason Bateman relives monkey attack on SNL and has the video to show us

Jason Bateman was back on Saturday Night Live with a new monologue and he describes the time he hosted SNL and was attacked by a monkey 15 years ago.


The Ozark star stated that he was in a weird sketch that involved a real monkey back in 2005 and “things were loose” back then, suggesting that today’s SNL might be using a prop or fake monkey.

Bateman says he leaned down to say good job to the monkey while they were on stage taking a bow at the end of the show and that’s where it happened. He says the animal opened it’s mouth rather aggressively and tried to take a bite out of his face.

SNL shows the video clip of that exact moment with people laughing on stage at the end of the show and Bateman maintaining a smile despite the monkey appearing to be a little aggressive. The clip shows exactly what happened and it’s quite funny.

Bateman says the monkey apologized by putting his hand on his shoulder, but then he makes a joke that the monkey was destroyed later that night.

Here’s the clip of Jason Bateman hosting SNL while showing a clip of himself hosting SNL with the monkey on stage.

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