A revelatory series of insights into the efforts of Twitter’s prior regime to interfere in the 2020 election was released by Elon Musk recently. Musk shared the insights via investigative reporter Matt Taibbi, and one of them was that the Democratic National Committee demanded that Twitter censor 75-year-old conservative actor James Woods, among others. Woods announced on Fox News’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that he would be “suing the Democratic National Committee no matter what,” after the truth was finally brought to light, and all the suspicions were confirmed.

On October 14, 2020, Woods took to Twitter to poke fun at both Bidens, after New York Post started reporting on the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop, and amid revelations about Hunter Biden’s alleged depravities and then-presidential candidate Joe Biden’s potential exposure to bad actors the world over, reported The Blaze.

An image of Hunter Biden was paired with Woods’ tweet, where he is apparently smoking illicit drugs while engaging in a blurred-out sexual act involving feet with the caption, “I’M ON TEAM TOE!” Originally, the parodic slogan was in reference to then-candidate Joe Biden’s slogan: “I’m on Team Joe.” “Feets, don’t fail me now!” Woods added to the text.

Allegedly, the DNC filed a report with Twitter censors who then dutifully censored Wood’s speech. Fox News reported that at the behest of the DNC, Wood’s tweet was deleted, and the account of another user, @stephen_liuhuan, was suspended.

Based on internal Twitter data shared recently, Taibbi reported that “celebrities and unknowns alike could be removed or reviewed at the behest of a political party.” Woods was one of the many Americans who reportedly drew the ire of powerful partisans in Washington, D.C. Woods had been banned from Twitter two years earlier for making jokes at the expense of Democrats.

Woods spoke on the phone to Carlson recently, after the world apparently had confirmation that the Democratic political establishment and big tech censors had colluded. Woods was “shocked the way any other American would be if he were a target of a presidential candidate and a major political party,” as he said. But Woods noted that on the whole, he is not altogether surprised, as he says, given he has “been a target of these people for six years,” despite that he is stunned that this evidence should come forward.

“They have destroyed my career. They have destroyed my livelihood. They have destroyed my faith in a country that my family has defended in the military since the Revolutionary War,” Woods said. “I can guarantee you one thing, more than anything else you’ll ever hear in your life: I will be getting a lawyer. I will be suing the Democratic National Committee no matter what,” Woods said after being asked by Carlson if he intends to take action against the people who violated his First Amendment rights. “Win or lose” he will stand up for the rights of every American, Woods noted.

Woods also suggested that if enough people get on board, in hopes that others will similarly sue, the DNC may be facing a class-action suit. “I am not going to take this sitting down. I think these people are vermin for doing this to other people,” Woods said. This scandal has bolstered his previous claim, he added, that is: if you “scratch a liberal, you will find a fascist every time.”

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