Some guy is out on the street asking people what they think about President Joe Biden and these two guys don’t hold back. The first guy says “I’d tell him to get out of office man, he’s f-ckin’ shit up, he’s old, he’s falling off of bikes and sh-t. It’s over man.” The other guy is a little less aggressive, but straight to the point. “I’ll tell him, let Trump back in office, he did better for the Black culture.”
Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s approval rating is horrendous. Biden constantly picks the worst people for every job based on woke diversity reasons, and every one he picks for that reason alone is worse then the previous pick. Just look at his White House press secretary. She can’t even get the names of the Supreme Court Justices correct. She called Clarence Thomas the WRONG NAME!!!
White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre called him ‘Judge Thompson.’ The White House corrected her wrong-name mishap on their website by crossing out the incorrect name and adding the correct name. If there was ever a clown show at the White House, then it’s quite clear that Biden and his administration are the clowns running the show and it’s not a good thing for America.
And another pick by Biden, the assistant secretary of health, Rachel Levine, a biological male who dresses like a woman, is just about as bad as it gets with exception to the bald dude walking around in women’s clothes and his mom’s hand-me-down heels, named Sam Brinton, who’s been called a perv from all the bizarre pics that leaked on the Internet involving him.
A federal judge made a common sense ruling that ticked off the dude in a dress, Rachel Levine, and got him so mad that he made a reaction video like a typical tween on social media. Like anyone gives a sh*t what Rachel Levine says because this whole administration is a clown circus being run into the ground by the worst clowns.
The federal judge blocked Joe Biden’s administration from pushing through a rule that would allow transgender workers and students to use school bathrooms based on the gender that they selected. This rule would apply to sports teams too, letting them play for the opposite teams while using the opposite bathrooms. Judge Charles Atchley Jr, from the Eastern District of Tennessee, promptly blocked it.
Biden’s assistant secretary of health, Rachel Levine, a biological male, responded with the following statement and social media user quickly accused Levine of promoting “empowerment” through transition. In my opinion, Levine is promoting child abuse while working for the United States government and most of us have a big problem with this woke administration causing America to be laughed at by other nations.
Buckle down, folks! We got two more years of the American Horror Story, the politics version.
Photo: screencap from YouTube video.

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