When the Serbian royal family Karađorđević needed money to renovate their Belgrade palaces, they turned to Hunter Biden. According to emails from Hunter Biden’s hard drive, Crown Prince Alexander Karađorđević, and his wife, Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia, visited Biden in November 2015 and didn’t hesitate to ask for money.

“We were having problems with the state budget for the Royal Compound consisting of two palaces built by my grandfather King Alexander I of Yugoslavia. We were hoping that Hunter might be able to help with his father to solve the problem,” Alexander told The Post.
Joe Biden was in charge of the White House’s international portfolio at the time, which included Serbia. When he visited the United States two months prior to the call, he met with Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić. Joe Biden was in Serbia, meeting with prominent leaders and holding an event at the royal palace barely nine months after Hunter’s encounter with the royals.
Alexander is the sole child of Peter II, the last monarch of a united Yugoslavia. After Nazi Germany invaded Yugoslavia in 1941, Peter was compelled to escape. In 1945, the monarchy was formally abolished, and Alexander grew up in exile. He and his wife Katherine were finally allowed to return to their former royal lodgings. Belgrade is the capital of Serbia, the country that gained independence in the early 1990s after the dissolution of Yugoslavia.
The government provided more than a million dollars per year for personnel and upkeep of the residences, which Alexander claimed was insufficient.
“It’s a big responsibility to maintain a place like this,” Alexander told Reuters in 2010. “You have a list of repairs. Number one is the roof. Number 50 is the swimming pool.”
According to Hunter’s calendar entry, his royal confab occurred on Nov. 3, 2015, and lasted 30 minutes. Hunter’s close business partner and president of his investment firm Rosemont Seneca, Eric Schwerin, was also on the line.
The recovered emails reveal that Hunter Biden’s economic interests included the small Slavic state. Hunter Biden’s contact list includes the country’s ambassador to the United States, Vladimir Petrovic, and the two appear to be friends.
“We are looking forward to you visiting Serbia at your convenience,” Petrovic emailed Hunter Biden in May 2010. “I had some preliminary conversations with some business people in Serbia and I think you would find some opportunities when you travel there. Please let me know if I can provide some additional information prior to your trip to Belgrade”
Hunter has also received an email from Mark Doyle, Joe Biden’s then adviser, regarding the plan to link him with “high net worth individuals” in Serbia.
Petrovic “wants to start putting together a full day for you with [Serbian President Boris] Tadic, and potential investors,” Doyle wrote and added, “my sense from Vladimir is that they are very willing to help you with your fund.”
When Petrovic retired, he emailed Hunter Biden to inform him that he would now be available at the lobbying company Roberti White (now Roberti Global).
To make matters worse, Hunter Biden’s ex-wife breaks silence about her relationship with the scandalous son of a failing United States president.

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