NY Post finally makes admission about Hunter Biden laptop and a federal investigation is ongoing

The New York Times now notes that Hunter Biden’s laptop is legitimate.


The New York Times now notes that Hunter Biden’s laptop is legitimate. The New York Times reports that People familiar with the investigation said investigators had reviewed emails between Mr. Biden and Mr. Archer regarding Burisma and other overseas commercial activity. The New York Times received the emails that appear to come from a laptop left in a Delaware repair shop by Mr. Biden. The emails and cache files sent to The New York Times were authenticated by people who were familiar with the investigation.

In October 2020, the New York Times doubted a meeting between a representative from Burisma, Joe Biden, and the Ukrainian gas company on whose board Hunter served ever took place. The Times wrote that Mr. Biden’s official calendars did not record a meeting between the two men. The New York Times reported on Wednesday night that the meeting was most likely held. The dinner in question was attended by Biden, said report.

The New York Times used every chance they got to cast doubt on the laptop during the 2020 presidential campaign, claiming that the information was fabricated and citing a letter from former Democratic leaders claiming that it was Russian disinformation. In a news story from September 2021, the New York Times termed the laptop “unsubstantiated.”

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Tony Bobulinski, Hunter’s business partner, came forward shortly after The Post’s reporting and confirmed that the emails carrying his name were genuine. The only explanation is that The New York Times was aware of the laptop’s authenticity from the start but chose to keep it a secret.

Overall, these contradictory claims raise skepticism and provide relevant conversation points concerning a presidential candidate’s family.

There’s also an ongoing federal investigation into Hunter Biden:

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