Even ​as a federal investigation involving Hunter Biden and his overseas business dealings continues to dominate the headlines, the disgraced first son joined his father, President Joe Biden, to take in the Fourth of July fireworks display from the White House balcony. Meanwhile, President Biden’s approval rating continues to hit new lows.
After returning to the White House from Camp David, the presidential retreat in Maryland, where they spent much of the holiday weekend, Hunter Biden took in the show with his 2-year-old son Beau, who is named after Hunter’s older brother, who died of brain cancer in 2015.
The president holding his grandson in his arms could be seen in images, while he is on the Truman Balcony and reaching down to give him a kiss.
Melissa Cohen, a South African filmmaker, who is also Hunter’s wife, also joined the family on the trip back to Washington from Camp David.
The Biden family attended a barbecue for military families on the South Lawn earlier, but the festivities were overshadowed by a mass shooting at a holiday parade in the Chicago suburb of Highland Park that killed eight people and wounded more than two dozen others.
The president, in brief remarks, asked his guests to observe a “slight moment of silence for all those families.” The president and the first lady, Jill Biden released a statement earlier, condemning the “senseless gun violence that has yet again brought grief to an American community on this Independence Day.”
The Easter Egg roll in mid-April was the last event where H​unter Biden was last seen at the White House, which he also attended with Beau.
Hunter is under investigation by the US Attorney’s Office in Delaware ​for alleged tax fraud and money laundering stemming from his international business dealings.
Reportedly, the first son has sent the IRS a check for $2 million to cover unpaid taxes.​
Based on information found on a laptop he left behind at a Delaware computer repair shop, Hunter Biden’s business relationships in Ukraine and China were part of a series of reports The Post published in October 2020.
The laptop also contained photos and graphic video detailing his out-of-control drug use and his sexual shenanigans with hookers, along with revelations about his business affairs.
Congressional Republicans intend to launch hearings into Hunter Biden’s business endeavors, as they say, and whether his father was linked to or profited from any of the deals should they win control of the House and Senate in the fall elections.
Despite mounting evidence to the contrary, including a recently published 2018 voicemail in which Joe Biden mentioned a New York Times article about his son’s Chinese business partner, the White House has said ​the president ​stands by his 2019 claim that he had “never spoken” with ​his son about “his overseas business dealings.”

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