How to File Insurance Claims if business was affected by protests

business after protests

With the current unrest taking place all over America, a lot of places have been affected. The riots and looting have caused many owners massive headaches from private properties to businesses and even cars. Insurance is the first thing to consider when your property is damaged. Many insurance policies cover the aftermath of the events. Not only is it essential to file your insurance fast but also to ensure that your filing is correct to avoid being rejected. 

In a report by USA Today, Attorney Kim Winter advised owners to make claims now. Even when you don’t know the extent of the damages, you should file your applications now. 

According to the report, some cities received massive damage. That is because some groups of protesters resorted to arson, violence, vandalism, and looting. Loretta Worters, vice president of media relations at the Insurance Information Institute, stated that the damage is nationwide and is probably one of the costliest U.S. civil disorders to date.

Here are some tips to help you in the recovery process of property damage if you are a victim of the said acts above. These tips come from the American Property Casualty Insurance Association. 

Read your Policy

It is important to file your claim fast. However, it is also essential to read your policy to see the extent of what your insurance can cover. Once you’ve filed your claim, talk with your agent, broker, or insurer to further understand your policy coverage. 

Report your claim even before knowing the damages

Report your claim, even when you don’t know the extent of the damages. By doing this, your broker will start the process. Promptly reporting your claim will help your case advance as compared to those who total their damages before filing. 

Document damage

Do not just take photos of the damaged areas/property. Create a list of it. Inspect the area and include even the littlest things destroyed. The insurance adjuster will be able to further the case faster when you give concrete evidence along with your claims report. 

Hire reliable, professional repair contractors

Do not just hire someone to repair. Your claim will be ensured when you work with contractors who also work with your insurance company. If your insurance does not have any referral options, hire professional contractors, and verify their references. Contact the chambers o commerce or Better Business Bureaus for complaint information in regards to your contractor. 

Save Receipts

Do not throw away your receipts. Add copies to your file and save the original copies—expenses incurred for any repairs made temporarily to protect the property from further damage or to restore operations. 

So what will you do once you’ve finished all of this? 

Check the local governments and private groups if they set up relief funds to help businesses and damaged properties. 

In New York, City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a Small Business Emergency Grant Program that will give small businesses that were affected up to $10,000 in relief. 

At such a time of civil unrest, be informed and vigilant. 

How to File Insurance Claims if business was affected by protests

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