A resident from Nevada believes his homeowner’s association is violating his freedom of speech over an anti-Biden bumper sticker on his truck.

The trouble for the man is being caused by the bumper sticker that reads “Let’s Go Brandon,” as he is being told by his HOA that displaying the sticker on his truck is considered an offensive trader activity.
His name is Chris and he did not want to give his last name, he lives in the Central Park Estates neighborhood in Henderson, just south of Las Vegas. Often, his red truck used to be parked in his driveway with political flags attached to it, but not anymore.
“They said I had to take it down because it was a sign or a billboard,” said Chris, per a report.
During the voting time, the HOA allows residents to have one political sign in the front yard. But he was asked to take the flag down or else the HOA’s lawyer was going to take him to court, as Chris left it on his truck after voting time was over.
“It makes me feel upset. I am a veteran. I did take an oath to this country. I believe freedom of speech should be everywhere,” Chris said.
Chris resorted to implementing a bumper sticker on his truck, that says “Let’s Go Brandon,” but he was told that also isn’t allowed.
There are also a few more other stickers on his truck that could be considered offensive, including ones that read, “F*** liberals, f*** your feelings” and “Stomp my flag, I’ll stomp your a**.”
“They say it is an obnoxious trader activity, which in my mind is more of setting up a lemonade stand as a trader activity. This is just a sticker on a vehicle,” said Chris.
According to the HOA, this is a violation of section 8.4 of the Central Park and Estates bylaws that “no noxious or offensive trade or activity shall be carried upon any lot nor shall anything be done thereon which may be or may become an annoyance or nuisance to the neighborhood.”
A notice was sent by the HOA to Chris saying he would be fined $100 if he didn’t remove the sticker by last Friday and will be charged another $100 this Friday if it still hasn’t been removed.
“It doesn’t matter what your opinion is. Everyone should be able to express it without somebody getting upset,” Chris said.
Now, in the interest of not being fined, Chris backs his truck up into his driveway and removes the hatch to the truck.
“I am hoping they understand it is freedom of speech and they let me put it back on,” Chris finished.