No Conscious, No Spine: Hillary Clinton claims ‘demagogue’ Trump has taken over Republican Party

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton resurfaced for an interview with Willie Geist on MSNBC and made suggestions about the Republican Party, claiming it has been taken over by a ‘demagogue’ as she talked about former President Donald Trump.


Clinton claims that people are going to work with no conscious and no spine, as if they’re working without caring or won’t take a stand against something they may not believe in – but will go along with anyway.

She made these comments trying to suggest there are Republicans who simply won’t take a stand against Donald Trump, even if he’s doing something they don’t necessarily agree with.

She also spoke about the criticism Dr. Fauci receives and briefly touched on, in comparison, the incident that occurred on January 6 at the United States Capitol.

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Clinton said: “Sadly, the Republican Party has gone along with [Trump], and for the life of me, people who I knew, who I served with, who fall in line on the outrageous accusations … honestly they have hung their spines up on the wall as they walk into their office. We are seeing the results of a party that has been taken over by a demagogue, and we know from history, that’s not good news. We have to do much more than we’re doing now to fight back against this very organized effort to undermine our elections.”

The former first lady suggests the Democratic Party needs to do more to battle anyone who is attempting to undermine elections, something that many Republican voters have also pointed fingers at towards Democrats as both sides accuse the other of undermining elections or other criticisms similar to that.

The 2024 election should be a very wild spectacle to watch.

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