Emma Heussner, a Harvard graduate and social media director for the Daily Caller, went viral on Sunday after walking out of Merrick Garland’s graduating speech.
“Just walked out of Harvard’s graduation because I didn’t want to listen to Merrick Garland talk about himself for 30 minutes,” Heussner wrote, adding that what she did hear was “pretty rich.”
According to the Washington Post, Garland’s graduation speech for the 2020 and 2021 students alluded to the events of January 6 at the Capitol and worries about the 2020 election’s integrity. According to the Harvard Gazette, he also urged the graduates to devote at least a portion of their lives to public service, arguing that the recent mass murders in Texas, California, and New York were sufficient reasons for the students to serve their country.
Heussner’s viral walk-out from the address drew an outpouring of support on Twitter. “The amount of support in the replies has been very warm and I was shocked by how many people congratulated me and were proud of my decision,” Hessner told the Daily Caller. “It’s also been funny to watch leftists lose their minds and hurl insults at me for walking out. It’s entertaining to see how easily upset some people are by the actions of others,” said report.
Heussner had about 1,600 Twitter followers before she posted the video. This figure is rapidly approaching 10,000. “I had been sitting there for more than two hours listening to people speak in Latin, give cordial formalities. By the time Merrick Garland got on stage, I was so anxious to leave and meet up with my parents. They’re the ones who helped me accomplish what I have and supported me to get to Harvard in the first place.”
“Choosing to walk out was an easy decision for me,” she stated.
“Even overhearing his speech as I walked out, it was pretty rich to hear about how ‘awful’ our country is and what we as graduates should do about it, given that he’s the one in an incredible position of power to who gets immediate results from the decisions he makes,” Heussner said of the decision.
In addition to that, there were some comments such as:
And you just had to put that on social media didn’t you?
So you decided to talk about yourself on Twitter?
A “Harvard grad” who doesn’t capitalize “Harvard”?
You sure showed him. It’s a shame that people can’t listen respectfully to people with a wealth of experience even if they disagree with them. Hope you made it to the kegger on time.
How sad! You will never get back this time to celebrate your accomplishments! But I am a little worried, a Harvard graduate should be able to capitalize and punctuate!
“She walked out of a speech. As a result one would have to stand before they walk. Its really not that impressive. Rude. Check. Career ending, likely. Not sure she actually went to Harvard, definitely.”
Garland seems to be a person who would be a lot less likely to talk about himself than many others. He is a modest person. Any shame for walking out is yours.
As a lawyer I’m sure that will be an effective tool in your career… I’ve heard judges love when attorneys walk out of courtrooms when they don’t like what’s being said.
It was beautiful. He expressed immense gratitude to the US for being the reason most of his ancestors survived the holocaust, for the education he received on scholarship, the importance of protecting democracy, voting rights & fighting racism. Your exit speaks volumes about you.
Instead you had to put yourself in the limelight – how about being respectful – too bad they didn’t teach you that from a prestigious school!
Cool stunt for the socials. Keep up the amazing work keeping the country divided
Immense gratitude .. Holocaust…ancestors .. I think your post speaks volumes about you … Right out of your Alinsky Handbook for Radicals …. The girl had a right to walk out .. after all this is still the USA. Congratulations Emma … well done on all fronts.
WATCH HER video:

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