Fox News’ Sean Hannity slammed President Joe Biden and big city Democrats and wants to know where they’re at when it comes to crime surges. Hannity wants to know when Joe Biden will visit cities like Chicago, Philadelphia, DC, and several others where senseless violence is out of control and the mayors appear to be highly ineffective. Hannity questions why Democrat-run cities have the highest homicide rates and why President Biden is not doing anything to combat the issue. Hannity says there appear to be no solutions, no answers, and Democrats keep politicizing things but don’t ever seem to fix anything.
WATCH Sean Hannity go OFF on Joe Biden and Democrats:

SEAN HANNITY: Just the latest example of dangerous and difficult decision’s police officers must make on a daily basis. Unfortunately anti-police rhetoric, defund, dismantle, no-bail, is fueling more and more violent crime all across the country for example five major cities all run by Democrats are now on pace to pass last year’s high homicide numbers in D.C. There have been over 90 homicides so far this year. By the way, ask yourself do you know the names of any of them? Including a teenager who was killed over the weekend at an event called Mochella, but sadly the senseless violence is now all too common. 

In New York, one person killed, eight injured in a Harlem shooting on Father’s Day weekend in the city of Chicago. They set the record again, 47 shot over this past weekend that included an 11-year-old girl shot in the leg. Get this, look at your screen. Police are now searching for a suspect after new footage shows Louisville mayor being sucker punched during an event on Saturday. 
Where are the big-city Democrats that claim to care so much about gun violence? When is Joe Biden going to visit Chicago because he paid no attention to it eight years as vice president. When will he demand accountability in this Democratic run city, in this deep blue Democratic state because this has been going on since he first became vice president. 
Why is this happening weekend after weekend after weekend. No solutions, no attention we have scrolled the names of our American treasure lost to the lawlessness in major cities. Why is it Democrats continue to politicize the issue rather than work to fix the problem? Why do we only hear about the names of people when Democrats can politicize the issue, blame Republicans or blame Donald Trump?
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