Soon after his firing from CNN was reported, Brian Stelter began receiving odd job offers – but most of them were jokes mocking the failed host who couldn’t get a good enough audience to stay on the air. One of the most notable was Greg Gutfeld, the host of Fox News’ highest-rated late-night talk show. Gutfeld! tweeted, “Yo @brianstelter – my show is hiring,”

Stelter has endured years of ruthless mockery from the Gutfeld team, so there is no doubt that they would welcome him back to the fight. Seth Dillon, the CEO of Babylon Bee, tweeted another fake job offer to Stelter. Among other things, he said that Babylon Bee was “looking for talent with experience putting out funny fake news.” Right-wing Twitter users mocked the “Reliable Sources” ex-host, adopting Trump Jr.’s phrase while referring to Stelter as “Potato Head.”

Greg Price wrote, “Just poured one out for the end of Reliable Sources with Brian Stelter. End of an era.” above a video showing a man throwing a potato into a trash can. Lavern Spicer tweeted: “Brian Stelter is leaving CNN to start his own streaming service known as #Potatoflix.”

Like many conservatives, Lauren Boebert of Colorado rejoiced over the simultaneous demise of Stelter and Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney. US House Candidate Lauren Boebert said: “Brian Stelter had his show cancelled on CNN. What are the odds Loser Liz takes his place?” Dinesh D’Souza tweeted: “Taking a cue from Liz Cheney, I expect Brian Stelter to say he’s now thinking of putting in his name for the presidency of CNN.”

It is well known that “Reliable Sources” had rating issues in its latter months, at least when compared to its earlier seasons on CNN’s Sunday morning broadcast. Many jokes were made about who would be upset to find that the show got canceled, according to Yahoo News.

The official Daily Wire page on Twitter posted an image of an empty room with dozens of empty chairs with a caption: “Brian Stelter’s fans gathering to watch his last episode.” “Everyone’s dunking on Brian Stelter since his show got canceled, but I honestly feel really bad for his fan.” was another mean comment on the platform coming from Allie Beth Stuckey.

Donald Trump Jr. tweeted: “Tens of people devastated.” Tim Pool joined the mean mob. He said: “I look forward to recognizing Brian Stelter as he runs up to my car at a red light to try and wash my windshield, hoping I’ll give him some cash.” Siraj Hashmi pinned a tweet from Jeffrey Toobin and wrote: “while everyone is pouring one out for Brian Stelter today, don’t forget to rub one out for Jeffrey Toobin.”

Frank Bojazi quoted Lizzo, saying “it’s about damn time.”

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