Dr. Anthony Fauci urged for Jesse Watters to be fired from Fox News during a CNN broadcast on Tuesday. Watters was supposedly using “dangerous” rhetoric towards Fauci and was encouraging students to ask tough questions to him and other public officials.

Watters’ colleague, Greg Gutfeld, supported him, claiming that CNN refused to run the clip that proves that. Gutfeld believes that his Watters was only employing common metaphors in order to promote citizen journalism.

In response, the network released a statement defending Watters, emphasizing that the host was obviously not being literal when criticizing Fauci.

Gutfeld criticized CNN, particularly anchor John Berman, for unfairly framing Watters’ language to viewers and ostensibly refusing to play the Watters tape so viewers could see for themselves. Gutfeld underlined that CNN deliberately turned hard questions into physical threats in their clip.

In a tweet, Gutfeld claimed that Watters could have sued the s*** out of CNN if he wasn’t a private citizen. While CNN denies the genuine crime, they fabricate it, he added, while concluding that the legal and original footage was needed to explain the whole situation.

Daily Wire provided:

“Yo [John Berman] – [You] seem reasonable,” the host said in a follow-up tweet. “[You] must admit what [you] did was in error, maybe they gave [you] the wrong tape, or edited, so [you] were tricked. But realize [Jesse Watters] was talking about the usual 60 minutes style of asking questions. Not violence. Be a man: correct it. It matters.”



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