Gretchen Whitmer called women “menstruating people,” GOP candidate tells ‘Fox & Friends First’ why he’s running to unseat the Dem

Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is being harshly criticized by the Republican campaigns running to be the next governor of Michigan after she described women as “menstruating people” at a recent Zoom event. Whitmer was commenting on the proposed amendment that is supposed to protect the right to abortion for all Michigan citizens if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade.
GOP candidate for Michigan governor Kevin Rinke joined ‘Fox & Friends First’ to discuss why he is running to unseat Democrat Whitmer and the issues that matter to voters ahead of November.
WATCH ‘Fox & Friends First‘ report on Whitmer’s comment:


The initiative, which is being led by an organization called Reproductive Freedom For All, will only appear on the ballot if the appropriate quantity of petition signatures is collected and approved by the board of state canvassers by July 11 in accordance with state law.
“What should we expect — this is a scary one —what should we expect if the reproductive freedom proposal fails? Are you able to protect reproductive rights without that proposal passing if Roe v. Wade fails? What can voters do to help preserve our freedom of choice?” said Erica Peresman, director of voter protection for the Michigan Democratic Party.
“So we saw where we thought Dobbs was going to be headed, and this was prior to the draft opinion coming out publicly,” Whitmer replied. “So we looked at all the tools that I have as governor and determined a couple of unique things I can do.”
“Number one: I have the constitutional ability to bring a lawsuit to protect constitutional rights of people of Michigan. So I brought a lawsuit on behalf of all the menstruating people in Michigan — 2.2 million. And another tool I have is to go straight to our state Supreme Court,” she added.
Whitmer’s remarks seem to be an effort to continue using terminology that many have decried as “woke,” similar to how Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., came under fire last year for referring to a woman as a “menstruating person.”
Republican campaigns seeking to unseat Whitmer reacted angrily to her remarks, with one labeling them “insane” and another implying they were against the founding documents of the United States.
“Has the left gone insane? I mean really. Menstruating people? Drag queens in every school? This is not normal behavior. Someone needs to check the Democratic Party. It’s starting to seem like COVID was more like mad cow disease,” Tudor Dixon told in a recent interview. The phrase “draq queen” was a clear reference to Democratic Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel’s statement that “a drag queen for every school” should exist.
Pastor Ralph Rebandt responded to Whitmer’s remarks from a religious standpoint.
“Our Declaration of Independence addresses ‘the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.’ Gov. Whitmer’s use of politically correct LGBTQ+ language is evidence of a moral collapse in our society,” he said.
“A culture that rejects ‘Nature’s God,’ as we did 60 years ago, will eventually reject the ‘Laws of Nature.’ When that happens, God help us, because there’s no line that can’t be crossed,” he added.
“Gov. Whitmer and her entire administration have shown they are on the extreme, fringe Left when it comes to every issue,” a spokesperson for Kevin Rinke said and added, “Between the AG calling for a drag queen in every classroom to the governor making up her own anatomy course, this administration has lost sight of the fact that Michiganders are suffering under their failed leadership.”
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