Gavin Newsom, the Democrat California governor, says he will not challenge President Biden for the Democratic nomination in 2024, if Biden decides to run. This is what Newsom said in an interview: “I’ve told everyone in the White House, from the chief of staff to the first lady.” Over the summer, Newsom visited Washington amid growing speculation, and considerable West Wing irritation, that he was plotting a primary challenge, but his message to Ron Klain and Jill Biden was to count him as a firm supporter of Biden’s reelection. He told them: “I’m all in, count me in.” On election night, Newsom relayed the same to Biden himself, said Politico.

To briefly celebrate his own landslide reelection and trumpet the approval of a ballot measure enshrining abortion rights in California’s constitution, the governor went to a Sacramento hotel.“We affirmed clearly with conviction that we are a true freedom state,” Newsom told reporters after spending much of the evening with family, aides, and supporters at the governor’s mansion watching the surprisingly strong returns for Democrats.Newsom contrasted himself and California with book and abortion banning governors in other states who also won reelection but remained nameless.

It seemed that the 2024 showdown was on, as it had all the makings of a classic political preview – a freshly-reelected, next-generation Democrat of one mega-state standing with his young family and calling out the freshly-reelected, next-generation Republican of another mega-state a few hours after DeSantis claimed victory on stage with his young family.

After addressing the cameras, Newsom was standing outside his motorcade on a chilly-for-California night, speaking on his cell phone and telling the 79-year-old president to not worry as he was on board. “I’m all in; put me in coach. We have your back,” said Newsom.

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