Executive Director of the New Jersey Gasoline Convenience Association Sal Risalvato joins Jesse Watters to respond to disparaging comments by President Biden towards gas station owners on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’ President Joe Biden tried to blame gas station owners for the high prices at the pump, but Risalvalto and other business owners responded, calling out President Joe Biden for his remarks.
WATCH him reveal all to Jesse Watters:

Sal Risalvato is the New Jersey Convenience Association executive director and a former gas station owner. He went on Fox News to tell them that Joe Biden has it wrong and the blame is being misplaced.

Risalvalto said to Jesse Watters: “I was pretty annoyed that [Biden] would make the suggestion that it’s the corner gas station, the quintessential small business of America that is causing this problem…” He further said that Joe Biden’s comments about gas station owners are “so untethered from reality” and that he likely does not understand the process going on behind the scenes or how the industry works.
Risalvalto continued: “[Gas station owners] are not making any more than they were a month ago, a month before, or even a year ago” and suggested that the owners don’t have full control on the prices that are set at the pump.
Gas station owners, former and current, are not the only business owners expressing their distaste for Joe Biden’s comments. Another gas station owner, Faizan Sarwar, had no problem discrediting claims made by Joe Biden, as reported by Fox News:

“[Gas prices] are hurting us in a lot of ways possible. We really don’t have any type of control on these gas prices at all especially when these fuel companies actually email us with what’s going to be next,” he said.
Sarwar added that gas stations actually incur losses since they are unable to lower prices on their own and shared that he is teaming up with conservative political advocacy group Americans for Prosperity to help bring down the price of gas at his station to pre-Biden levels at $2.38 per gallon.

Another business owner, Joe Ferri – who owns ‘Joey’s The Edge’ a bar in PA, said he’s trying to work against Biden’s bad economic policies by working with the Americans for Prosperity group to help provide free drinks to costumers and shed light on the bad policies that Biden put in place, causing harm to Americans.
Not everyone is thrilled with President Joe Biden and this economy.
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