Fox News analyst suffers tragedy, losing family member in Lori Lightfoot’s crime-ridden Chicago

Renowned Fox News political analyst Gianno Caldwell is asking the public for help and criticizing soft-on-crime policies after his teenage brother, Christian Caldwell, was killed in Chicago this weekend.


Christian, 18, was outside on the morning of June 24th when a black SUV pulled up and three or four men began shooting, Caldwell said. The brother of the analyst tragically died as a result of the attack and two others were injured. As of the morning of June 28th, no arrests had been made.

“I’m floored by the culture of death that exists in the city of Chicago,” Caldwell declared on “Fox & Friends.” “We sit here and we talk about the violence in Chicago on a weekly basis. But the people there, they live it. They are afraid to leave their homes. And we’re not talking about people who are involved in any gangs or any street activity. These are normal, everyday working people who are afraid for their safety.”

“Living in Chicago should not come with a death warrant,” he said. “But for so many people there, it does.”

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Caldwell stated that he felt compelled to keep his brother’s name alive, in particular with the hope that someone would provide information that could lead to arrests.

“It’s so important for me to keep my brother’s name alive in hopes that people will reach out to the police if they know anything, the Chicago Police,” he stated. “If you don’t feel comfortable talking to the police, DM me on Instagram, Facebook, message me, tell me, I will forward it on to the police. You don’t have to be involved.”

“We need justice for my baby brother, Christian. That’s all that I want. I would rather not be here talking to you,” Caldwell said to “Fox& Friends” co-host Steve Doocy.

“And I ask our viewers at home, please continue to pray for my family. Please continue to pray for justice. Please continue to pray that these men are arrested,” he pleaded. “Please.”

“We need to review these soft-on-crime policies. We need to drive legislation to revise — or reverse — some of these policies that could have prevented my brother’s death,” he stated, adding that “criminals here, they don’t capitulate to the law, and they’re not afraid of the police. They are not afraid of the prosecutors. Because the belief there, from what I was told from some of the young men even yesterday, is that, if someone does something, they’re likely not going to get arrested.”

Speaking to Fox News host Sean Hannity on the night of June 27th, Caldwell thanked his colleagues for their support.

“I want to thank from the bottom of my heart my Fox News family, you all have been amazing. Suzanne Scott, you Sean,” he said. “Everyone at the Fox News Channel has ensured that this was made a national story and certainly have shined light in a way that no one could’ve ever anticipated.”

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