Former GOP candidate who lit MAGA hat on fire challenges Trump

Daniel McCarthy, an Arizona businessman who ran for Arizona’s Republican Senate nomination in 2020 has challenged former President Donald Trump to a live debate at the latter’s upcoming rally and said that he will donate $1 million to charity if Trump accepts.


He tweeted this in a video message for the former President, which was followed by McCarthy torching a “Make America Great Again” hat with a flamethrower, and running over it with his truck.

The video actually starts with a cut of the burning hat, but shortly transitions inside McCarthy’s truck where he sits in the cab saying: “Hey, Donald Trump. This is Daniel McCarthy in Arizona. The world is waking up to your massive grift. Please stop with the smoke and mirrors and with these audits. Stop with your fundraising, stop establishment-candidate endorsements, stop pushing this gene therapy, the sauce.”

This was followed by McCarthy saying that Trump is coming to Arizona on January 15 for “another one of your do-nothing, rah-rah-session rallies” and suggesting that Trump take 30 minutes of stage time to debate him or at least answer his questions in front of the former president’s supporters.

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If Trump accepts the debate, the businessman, who works in skincare and real estate, said that he can choose from six charities listed on his website to donate $1 million.

McCarthy also verbally attacked Trump’s presidency by saying: “Think about all the things you’ve done that you’ve not been held accountable for. You ushered in medical tyranny. You exploded our national debt. You relinquished our sovereignty with the USMCA trade deal. You passed more gun laws than Obama did with Fix NICS.”

He also believes that the reason why he lost the 2020 Arizona GOP primary was that it was “stolen.”

McCarthy continued by saying that the former President surrounded himself with “swamp creatures for four years” and that he had set up his “most loyal supporters.”

He finished his dialogue with: “I look forward to seeing you on January 15. Although I know you won’t do it because you’re a little bitch,” which was followed by him leaving the truck and using a flamethrower to torch a MAGA hat, which he ran over with the truck after putting out the fire by stepping on the hat in flames.

Here is the whole video he tweeted to challenge the former President.

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