PA Democrat candidate John Fetterman was busted on camera committing a crime of vandalism against a black owned business. This took place when Fetterman was mayor of Braddock and he wanted to shut down a black owned nightclub. The local news covered the story back in 2010 and then Mayor Fetterman didn’t even care there was a surveillance camera. He still did it.


Fetterman altered the marquee letter sign of a place called Club 804, a black-owned business he believed was a stain to the community. The sign previously said “Opening Soon Under New Management” and Fetterman purposely changed it to say “Closed Not Opening Soon.”

Fetterman admitted he did it in his crusade against the black-owned business, saying they were a threat to the community, criticized by many for blatant racism. The owner of the club spoke out back then, as stated on Alphabet Signs in 2010: “The current owner of the club, Assim Chaudhry, said that the mayor’s behavior was unacceptable and that residents should be appalled by it.  “This is the mayor. This is who you guys have running this town,” said Mr. Chaudhry during the meeting, according to the news source.

Fetterman is somehow clinging to a slight lead, just a six percentage-point, over Republican candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz in the Pennsylvania Senate race for November’s midterm elections. This means that anyone who supports Dr. Oz as a Republican in PA must get out to vote in full force or Fetterman has a chance to win and put an alleged criminal in a Senate position.

USA Today pointed out how close the race was, stating that: “Fetterman, the state’s lieutenant governor, was backed by 46% of those surveyed. Oz, a celebrity doctor endorsed by former president Donald Trump, was backed by 40%. That’s closer than the nine-point lead, 46%-37%, that Fetterman held in the USA TODAY/Suffolk survey taken in June.”

The Senate seat in PA is crucial to the midterm elections as the GOP does not want the Democratic Party taking a Senate seat in a large state. GOP needs to encourage voters to make their voices heard or the Republicans will lose this election to someone who once vandalized a black-owned business sign in hopes to send a message and run them out of town.

Fetterman was slammed for his behavior towards a small business and accused of racism for targeting the business.

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