PA Democratic senate nominee John Fetterman sinks to a completely new low with plans to host a rally on 9/11 that includes Planned Parenthood and an anti-police activist who wanted to defund the police. Fetterman previously said there would be a ‘Women for Fetterman’ event with help by Planned Parenthood. The activist is the Planned Parenthood Action Fund President named Alexis McGill Johnson. Back in 2020 she wanted to defund the police and was vocal about it.

Back in 2020, Johnson Tweeted the following, suggesting her support for Black Lives Matter, a controversial group with many leaders accused of stealing funds from charity and grifting the followers out of donation money. Johnson’s message said: “That’s why Planned Parenthood stands with @Mvmnt4BlkLives. We stand with protesters who’ve been putting themselves on the front lines of the fight for freedom and justice — and who’ve been at the forefront of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Johnson also said in a following message: “As Breonna Taylor’s murder shows, policing does not equal safety. We must keep demanding change, including the call to defund the police, which means investing in community-based solutions, education, and health care — instead of militarizing police forces.

Fetterman has been highly criticized as being another Democrat soft on crime, wanting to get criminals guilty of second-degree murder out of prison and getting rid of the mandatory life sentence for second-degree murder convicts in PA.

He also appears to have numerous health issues – all things that could likely signal that he’s not fit for any type of political office that would benefit Pennsylvania residents in any way. Fetterman suffered a stroke in May, so he should end his campaign for health reasons, but he won’t.

Fetterman is a man but he supports abortion and ‘reproductive freedom’ despite not being able to give birth himself.

Republican nominee Mehmet Oz is the Republican nominee and Fetterman’s biggest obstacle. Oz is pro life and appears to have a more common sense approach to politics. Big PA cities like Philadelphia, which has been ruled by Democrat leadership for decades and has turned into a crime-filled cesspit, could likely benefit from more Republican leadership at the Senate position. A victory for Oz has potential to help the cities across the state turn from blue to red and push them back in the right direction.

Photo, cropped: Governor Tom Wolf from Harrisburg, PA, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

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