Destiny 2’s latest updates have these swords are outta control (in a good way) and ridiculous in terms of power (and I love every minute of it).

Lots of other updates are in place as we dive into the dark, but the swords stand out and Falling Guillotine is just so darn good. Temptation’s Hook is solid too, and looks funky, but we’ve got Dark Drinker 2.0 on our hands and we can’t put it down. The two new swords will both be acquired from this season’s Umbral Engrams, and Big Purple can also be attained by progressing through your season levels. 

According to PCGamer, the swords are reprized versions of exotic weapons from Destiny 1. They come with unique and heavy attacks. 

Temptation’s Hook

Temptation’s hook is based on Bolt Caster. It’s useful for dealing with substantial damage both from a distance and up-close attacks as it fires a spinning disc of electricty. The Massive Breakdown team concluded that Temptation’s Hook has less damage than other swords that belong to the Adaptive Class. However, it still comes with perks like Vorpal Weapon and Relentless Strikes. It also has a Boss Spec mode. 

Falling Guillotine

Purple has never looked this good. They’re calling it the Dark Drinker 2.0. The Falling Guillotine is formed like a tuning fork that unlocks from rank 30 in this season’s pass. You can aim for it from the Umbral Engrams by focusing them before decryption at Drifter’s talking dustbin. 

As you’ve guessed, Falling Guillotine is based on Dark Drinker. It really leaves a dent with its perks; Jagged Edge, Relentless Strikes, and Whirlwind Blade. The combo is one heavy spin attack, which is followed by five lights. 

The highlight of this season falls on Falling Guillotine. It’s too good to be true that YouTubers themselves are questioning if this is right. Some even claimed that it might be a game bug. However, Hearthstone designers explained that the damage is correct, but the gameplay displays are wrong and caused by server/client issues. 

Falling Guillotine leaves out a trail of corpses that players should fear the sight of it. 

Temptation’s Hook is beautiful too, but if you’re not using Falling Guillotine to destroy the crowd, then simply give it a try.

It also looks like a giant rectangle the size of a small apartment, so, enjoy that.

It reminds me of those massive swords from Soul Caliber.

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