Biden aides prefer fake White House set over Oval Office: report

President Joe Biden frequently skips news conferences in the Oval Office, preferring instead to hold them at the Old Executive Office Building’s faux White House next door.
The reason for this, according to Politico, is that the Oval Office is not established for the installation of a lasting teleprompter.
The research, which was released on Thursday, listed some of the concerns that may arise if the 2024 presidential race became a rematch between President Biden and former Trump, including the fear that Biden would be unable to withstand the stress of another campaign, said report.
One source of concern was the president’s health: “bones he shattered in his foot while messing with the dog during late November 2020 still periodically troubles Biden, results in the slow and shorter walk,” according to the story.
However, Biden’s proclivity for going off-script when he doesn’t have a teleprompter across from him might be troublesome, especially in a campaign that is expected to feature more public events as people resume pre-pandemic activities.
“This same White House had also essentially rejected using the Oval Office for media events, in part because it cannot be indefinitely prepared with a teleprompter. Biden advisers favor the fake White House stage constructed in the Old Executive Office Building next door for occasions, sacrificing some of the power of the ancient backdrop in favor of the otherwise sterile environment that was outfitted with an easily read teleprompter display,” according to the report.
In the event that Biden runs again in 2024 despite the barriers, the research predicts that Trump will run as well.
“Biden’s decision is influenced by his running. “I believe it’s an opportunity to revenge a defeat and rectify a wrong, while I’m not sure how driven a younger candidate would be,” a former Trump adviser told Politico.
Former Trump team official and GOP adviser Bryan Lanza, on the other hand, said the math was a little more difficult and that the past president would only run for the presidency if he was relatively convinced he could win. And Biden’s poll numbers, which were steady in the mid-40s for weeks, may entice Trump to re-enter the race.

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