CBS reported that a copy of the Hunter Biden laptop data appears genuine according to independent experts who’ve researched it and reported what they found. This comes after what may be about two years of many media outlets denying the laptop or the copy of the hard-drive data, suggesting it was nothing more than a conspiracy.

In hopes to find more information on this, CBS News had commissioned an independent forensic review of, what people believe to be Hunter Biden’s laptop data, and the review came back in favor of the House Republicans seeking to use this information against Hunter Biden. The independent experts put in place by CBS say this thing looks real and genuine, which could be big trouble for Hunter Biden and perhaps trouble for his father, President Joe Biden, if there’s any wrongdoings connected to him. What exactly is on the laptop data remains somewhat unclear.

Stories talking about the “Hunter Biden Laptop” were once throttled and suppressed on Twitter and Facebook back in October of 2020 after NY Post broke a story about the subject. Republicans and Trump’s then presidential campaign were upset with that, suggesting it should not have been censored.

Both Facebook and Twitter stood their ground for a while. Twitter said, at that time, that it was against company policy to distribute any materials that were hacked and they filed this under that category, shutting the story down when it can.

CNET reported that Twitter was blocking links and images of, and to, the NY Post story about Hunter Biden and it was because of that policy violation, despite the outpour of criticism from Republicans and people conjuring thoughts of ‘free speech’ on the platforms.

Some platforms suggested they didn’t want any misinformation flooding their network filled with voters, but now it seems somewhat ironic that this information about Hunter Biden’s laptop data comes out two years after the 2020 election. Now people want to know what took so long for people to run formal investigations on the alleged data, and what impact could it have had if the investigations were done sooner?

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