Looks like high stakes lawsuits have been dropped by the woman who was a victim of Jeffery Epstein and another attorney. There was an agreement between Alan Dershowitz and longtime Jeffrey Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre to dismiss their lawsuits against each other, ending their years-long legal battle over Giuffre’s accusations that the once-high-profile lawyer s-xually assaulted her, court papers show.

The stipulation of dismissal with prejudice in the Southern District of New York was filed by Giuffre and Dershowitz, through their attorneys. All pending litigation between the pair was permanently ended by the agreement, including Giuffre’s defamation suit against the man who she had for years said sexually assaulted her when she was a teenager being trafficked by Epstein. Dershowitz countersued. “Without costs or award of fees to either party,” the litigation was dismissed according to the report by Fox News.

In a prepared statement, Giuffre said that she had “long believed” Epstein had trafficked her “to Alan Dershowitz.” “However, I was very young at the time, it was a very stressful and traumatic environment, and Mr. Dershowitz has from the beginning consistently denied these allegations,” Giuffre wrote. “I now recognize I may have made a mistake in identifying Mr. Dershowitz. This litigation has been very stressful and burdensome for me and my family, and we believe it is time to bring it to an end and move on with our lives,” she added.

Dershowitz reiterated in his own statement released by attorneys, that he “never had s-x with Ms. Giuffre.” “I have nevertheless come to believe that at the time she accused me she believed what she said. Ms. Giuffre is to be commended for her courage in now stating publicly that she may have been mistaken about me,” wrote Dershowitz.

“She has suffered much at the hands of Jeffrey Epstein, and I commend her work combating the evil of s-x trafficking,” he added. Another lawsuit, which is also expected to be dismissed, is between Dershowitz and David Boies, an attorney who has represented Giuffre in other cases.

The “resolution does not involve the payment of any money by anyone or anything else,” a statement released by all parties involved noted.Previously, a lawsuit was settled by Giuffre with Britain’s Prince Andrew, whom she accused of abusing her when she was under 18.

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