Tesla chief executive Elon Musk is against the shelter-in-place orders as it affected Tesla’s first-quarter profit and many other businesses all over America. The continuously forced factory shutdowns are affecting the economy severely, in particular, the electric-car maker’s business after it was deemed unessential.

In an article by¬†Business Insider, Musk talked on his stance on Wednesday’s conference call. While at the conference, he said, “Frankly, I would call it forcible imprisoning of people in their homes against all of their constitutional rights, in my opinion. It’s breaking people’s freedoms in ways that are horrible and wrong and not why they came to America or built this country. What the f—. Excuse me. Outrage. Outrage.”

Elon Musk continued, “It will cause great harm, not just to Tesla but to many companies. And while Tesla will weather the storm, there are many companies that will not. Everything people have worked for their whole life is being destroyed in real-time.” Musk doubled down on his stance, deeming it undemocratic for state governments to order the shutdown of businesses that they deem unessential. “If somebody wants to stay in their house, that’s great, and they should be able to. But to say they cannot leave their house and they will be arrested if they do, that’s fascist. That is not democratic-this is not freedom. Give people back their damn freedom.”

He was one of those adamant against the shutting down of businesses, and his first outburst dates back to March 6. He tweeted about the panic over the coronavirus pandemic as “dumb.” On Tuesday, he went on a Twitter tirade where he supported “FREE AMERICA NOW.” He supports Texas after they announced to start relaxing their rules by Friday.

Phil LeBeau tweeted and quoted Elon Musk, to which he replied, “H-ll Yeah.”

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