How do I know it’s actually working? Kamala Harris asks about electric car after plugging it in

As the Biden administration announces a federal plan to build 500,000 EV charging stations for electric vehicles in America, Vice president Kamala Harris was seen plugging one in and then asked “how do I know it’s actually working” and then a man explained how it works.


Kamala Harris points out there is “no sound or fume” that there would normally be with a typical gas station where people can smell gasoline and hear the gas going from the pump to the gas tank.



While Kamala stands there charging an electric car, she presses on for more information about how the electric car works. She continued, saying “but how would I know that” referring to when the man tells her it’s charging.

He then goes closer to the charging station and further explains more to her.

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It appears as though Biden’s plan is to somewhat transform the auto industry and motivate people to use more electric vehicles instead of gas.

PBS reported that “the $1 trillion infrastructure law President Joe Biden signed last month authorizes the charging stations and sets aside $5 billion for states, with a goal to build a national charging network. The law also provides an additional $2.5 billion for local grants to support charging stations in rural areas and in disadvantaged communities.”

President Joe Biden wants half of the automobiles to be powered by electric by 2030.

This is what Kamala Harris said after touring an electric vehicle facility today:


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