Fox News Donna Brazile tricked into thinking Colin Kaepernick was back in NFL

Former DNC chair and Fox News host Donna Brazile has fallen for the most epic Twitter trolling of the year when she thought that Colin Kaepernick had been signed and back in the NFL.


It all happened when a parody SportsCenter account Tweeted a message that Kaepernick was signed by the NY Jets. Of course, no such thing has happened and Kaepernick is 100% NOT signed by the NY Jets, nor is he back in the NFL in any capacity.

But Donna Brazile fell for it and even retweeted the message, broadcasting fake news to 663k followers. Even better, she thanked the NY Jets in her post.

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The post, made by a user known as Barry McCockiner, is well known for doing parody posts which tend to be very funny. His profile on Twitter clearly states “PARODY” on it, so there’s no excuse for people like Brazile to be tweeting this fake news. McCockiner also has a YouTube page.

The post traveled so fast that Snopes already has an article on it.

Brazile wasn’t the only verified user to report the fake story.

Numerous media figures and sports related accounts also retweeted it, thinking that Kaepernick had actually been signed.

Jets fans can breathe a sigh of relief though.

Kaepernick hasn’t played in years.

Just a day ago, McCockiner also posted that Cam Newtown signed with the New England Patriots as Tom Brady’s backup and mass amounts of people fell for that one too.

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