Over the Next 300 F**kin Years: Donald Trump slams John Kerry in profanity laced video

Former President Donald Trump slammed John Kerry over climate concerns in a profanity laced rant. Trump said: “Yet you have people like John Kerry worrying about the climate… ‘The ocean will rise one-hundredth of one percent over the next 300 f**kin’ years!
WATCH the video:

It’s unclear what the ocean will do over the next 300 years. However, John Kerry has been busy talking about it according to SurfRider: “Secretary of State John Kerry convened the State Department’s first “Our Ocean” conference to focus on domestic and international ocean protection issues that took bold action right out of the gate. The two day conference was attended by Heads of State, Foreign Ministers, policy makers, environmentalists, scientists and entrepreneurs from nearly 90 countries to start developing strategies for protecting the ocean from marine pollution, acidification and overfishing. The conference proved to be more than just talk as a number of bold announcements were made during the course of the two days.
Leonardo DiCaprio was seen in a photo with John Kerry. The article on SurfRider continued, saying: “Leonardo DiCaprio joined the conference to give an impassioned plea for strong actions to protect our oceans and pledged $7 million dollars towards ocean conservation from his foundation. By the end of the two days over $800 million from government and private sources was committed to conserve ocean resources for future generations. Some would say it was a love fest. A number of new protected areas were also announced. The Country of Palau announced that they are turning their entire EEZ into a marine protected area with 80% fully protected in a marine reserve and the other areas designated for local and tourism fishing. The Cook Islands and the Bahamas also announced increased marine protected areas.
On the contrary, John Kerry is constantly criticized by Republicans as a hypocrite who flies on private jets.

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