Three Destiny 2 players ransacked the mini-raid Dungeon in an astounding eight-minute speedrun. 

Destiny 2’s dungeon Prophecy is filled with skyboxes and fun puzzles. The Prophecy is the latest addition after Season of Arrivals launched in June. Season of Arrivals launched in June. Players’ characters must descend to the cave, delving into the mysteries that surround the Darkness. They must navigate through the maze located in the Ascendent Realm. 

The Prophecy is by far Destiny 2’s supreme realm, where anything can happen. As Kotaku words it, you can sweep celestial expanses while riding on a sparrow motorbike. Some puzzles can only be solved by killing enemies, and it must be on a specific area of light or shadow to open a new path. Prophecy also contains lore that will pique any hardcore fans’ interest. 

Destiny players AceyBaby, Granger, and BjarturFO were featured in articles after flashing through Prophecy in 8 minutes and 4 seconds. The article reported that the players used high mobility builds and swords. Their method made the first-person shooter made the game look like it belongs to an arcade. These players used time-saving tricks, killing enemies quickly to have their enemies in specific combat encounters to spawn early. 

While the game comes down to practice and skill, extended sections of sparrow flying are vital in Prophecy. It was explained as spawning the sparrow mid-air then using side-boosts as you start to fall in order to spin the vehicle upward. When you’ve used up all of your boosts, use the sparrow as a platform to jump. Immediately summon a new one once your character begins to fall. 

AceyBaby, Granger, and BjarturFO’s run remains the fastest. There’s no doubt that someone will beat that record after the video showed missed opportunities in saving time. The players did a messy fight against one boss. Thus, a more polished attempt will inevitably beat their run. 

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