Players have been dealing with sudden disconnections after Destiny 2 Windows PC version left Battlenet. After they came to Steam with Shadowkeep last fall, the errors disrupt all activities. Recently, Bungie partnered up with Valve to fix the errors codenamed “Beaver.”

Polygon reports that on July 16, the studio was able to identify the leading causes of Beaver errors on PC. The actions they took to fix the issue only “appear to have reduced the errors significantly,” but not all. Bungie tweeted, “UPDATE: On July 16, we identified a source of most of the BEAVER errors appearing on PC and mitigations appear to have reduced errors significantly since then. We’re still investigating the root cause of the issue. Players in central and eastern states were impacted most.”

On their weekly blog post this Thursday, Bungie gave additional information on the causes of “Beaver.”

This past week Valve identified hardware configuration issues with 4 relays in their Chicago, Virginia, Stockholm, and Dubai data centers. In each case, the affected relay was unable to send traffic to one other relay in the same data center. If a connection to a peer went through both of those relays, then it would drop. Valve has fixed the configuration issues, and we have confirmed that the rate of disconnections in the affected areas has been reduced significantly.

Bungie teamed up with Valve to solve the issues on four datacenters. Players will still encounter “Beaver” errors if they disconnect for reasons such as internet outages. Players with fully functional internet connections will only encounter “Beaver” errors on times on in-game maintenance when players will experience disruption.

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The “Beaver” errors were first encountered in October 2019. Bungie launched Destiny 2: Shadowkeep and then moved Destiny 2 from to Steam. “Beaver” issues appeared frequently and kept players from loading into Tower or connect to friends. Some players were even ejected in the middle of endgame activities such as Raids or Dungeons.

Players are still to report if they’ve encountered a “Beaver” error in their game.