Americans are struggling with record gas prices, but Joe Biden doesn’t care: DeSantis slams president

“Americans are struggling with record gas prices up over 50% since Biden took office but he doesn’t care,” the governor remarked.
“Rather than expand domestic energy production, he continues to reduce U.S. production capacity (increasing our reliance on foreign oil) by canceling our oil & gas leases,” he continued.
His comments come on the heels of President Biden’s decision to stop oil and gas lease sales in Alaska & the Gulf of Mexico, while Americans continue to pay more for petrol under Biden’s presidency.
A representative for Interior Department indicated this week that the lease auction in Cook Inlet “Cook Inlet lease sale would not proceed due to insufficient industry interest,” and that the lease sale in the Gulf would not advance due to “contradictory judicial orders on the leases.”


When Trump first came into power in 2021, he signed an executive order prohibiting new oil & gas leasing on federal lands, but it was overturned by Trump nominee Judge James Cain. Following an appeal, a federal district court of Washington “invalidated another Gulf of Mexico lease sold by the federal government, lease 257.” The Alaska verdict has no bearing on the leases mentioned by the Interior Department spokeswoman, per report.
On Thursday, the national fuel price average in the United States set a new high of $4.418. That’s up to $4.37 on Tuesday, which was also a record-breaking day. They increased again on Friday, hitting an estimate of $4.432.
In October, Floridians will benefit from DeSantis’ $1.2 billion tax relief plan, which contains a gas tax reduction for the month of October.
“We’re doing $200 million in gas tax holiday, so that will reduce the fuel tax on October 1st by about 25 cents a gallon,” DeSantis stated at the time.

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