Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis makes a strong move against failing woke culture when he signed a bill to defund programs focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion in Florida’s public colleges. Many people say hiring for diversity reasons instead of taking the top talent is how America ended up with low-approval rating people like Kamala Harris and Joe Biden’s failing White House administration that some Americans say is the worst White House they’ve ever seen – in their opinions.

DeSantis approved a legislation aimed at defunding diversity, equity, and inclusion programs in all state universities, citing a belief that they divert attention from the core purpose of these institutions. During a press conference in Sarasota, DeSantis stated that these programs promote discrimination, exclusion, and indoctrination, which he deemed inappropriate for public educational institutions. He suggested that those interested in exploring gender ideology could do so at the University of California, Berkeley, acknowledging its compatibility with the institution’s ethos. However, DeSantis emphasized that, in Florida, taxpayer funds should prioritize the traditional mission of universities.

According to the law, Florida state universities are prohibited from utilizing state or federal funds to endorse, sustain, or establish programs that advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion or engage in political or social activism. DeSantis argued that this measure would redirect universities towards their customary objectives, including treating individuals as unique entities rather than dividing them based on surface-level characteristics, said a report on CNN – who must have disliked reporting on it considering it’s DeSantis targeting wokeness.

Additionally, the legislation stipulates that general education courses must not distort significant historical events or incorporate a curriculum that teaches identity politics rooted in theories asserting inherent systemic racism, sexism, oppression, and privilege in the United States’ institutions, alleging they perpetuate social, political, and economic inequalities.

Notably, DeSantis signed the legislation at New College of Florida, known for its liberal arts focus, where he has been working to institute conservative changes. Earlier this year, the Governor replaced six members of the college’s board of trustees with like-minded allies. The new law also grants greater hiring authority to university presidents and boards of trustees, ensuring greater accountability to the citizens of Florida who contribute their tax dollars.

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