Denver’s Mayor Michael Hancock is on the hot plate after he warned constituents to avoid holiday travel, then is caught traveling for Thanksgiving. He acknowledged the decision and issued an apology after he noticed that people caught on and the optics were not exactly desirable.

Hancock posted the following warning on Twitter, saying “Pass the potatoes, not COVID.  Stay home as much as you can, especially if you’re sick. Host virtual gatherings instead of in-person dinners. Avoid travel, if you can. Order your holiday meal from a local eatery.  Shop online with a small business for #BlackFriday.”

Numerous Twitter users posted in his comments, making note of his travel that took place just 30 minutes after he posted the warning message to his followers.

9 News confirmed Hancock’s travel that backed up any claims people made about him traveling, despite suggesting to others not to.

Hancock posted an apology in a five-part tweet thread. It said as follows:

I fully acknowledge that I have urged everyone to stay home and avoid unnecessary travel. I have shared how my family cancelled our plans for our traditional multi-household Thanksgiving celebration.

What I did not share, but should have, is that my wife and my daughter have been in Mississippi, where my daughter recently took a job. As the holiday approached, I decided it would be safer for me to travel to see them than to have two family members travel back to Denver.

I recognize that my decision has disappointed many who believe it would have been better to spend Thanksgiving alone. As a public official, whose conduct is rightly scrutinized for the message it sends to others I apologize to the residents of Denver who see my decision as conflicting with the guidance to stay at home for all but essential travel.

I made my decision as a husband and father, and for those who are angry and disappointed, I humbly ask you to forgive decisions that are borne of my heart and not my head.

In other news, Hancock will also have to travel back.

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