Democrats are freaking out after Trump-Appointed Judge makes bold move

On social media, liberals reacted with astonishment and dismay when a Trump-appointed federal judge overturned a two-year-old federal mask rule on airlines.


MUST WATCH video: A judge in Florida has ruled in a lawsuit that the Centers for Disease Control did not have the authority to issue its mask mandate for airlines. NBC’s Pete Williams reports on what could come next for the federal mandate.

“I expected you would continue to have a mask mandate when I booked tickets for myself, my pregnant wife, and our unvaccinated 4-year-old,” Dr. Jeremy Faust tweeted immediately after the restriction was dropped by U.S. District Court Judge Kathryn Mizelle in Florida. “Now you’ve canceled it, and we’ll have to fly back under your new “no masks necessary” policy?! Thank you very much.”

Faust went on to blame United Airlines for “very much,” suggesting “it’s fine” if children under the age of five who are unable to acquire the coronavirus vaccination die on airplanes from the virus, suggested a report.

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Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding, an epidemiologist, tweeted that the coronavirus epidemic is not “finished” and urged for boycotting of Alaska Airlines, which he labeled an “idiot airline,” until the firm enacts its own mask rule.

“Sitting for many hours in a confined area with 200 strangers coughing, breathing, and sniffling?” Charlotte Clymer, a writer, took to Twitter. “I’m going to maintain wearing my mask on planes for the time being, which is all I have to say about it.”

United Airlines received a flood of angry tweets when the business revealed it would no longer require passengers to wear masks.

“I’m very irritated,” one person expressed his dissatisfaction. “We have tickets to travel this weekend, which seemed like a risk worth taking because everyone must wear a mask. Now we must either risk being sick in a box with 200 people (who may undoubtedly be + for Covid) or cancel our trip. Pissed.”

Others focused their attention on Judge Mizelle, slamming her record and casting doubt on her credentials as a judge.

“What is Mizelle’s supposed bench qualification?” Mark Joseph Stern, a writer at Slate, took to Twitter. “Her clerkships with conservative judges were a highlight of her career. For Senate Republicans, that was enough. She’s now issuing countrywide injunctions that affect the health and safety of millions of Americans. This is a style of government that no reasonable democracy would allow.”

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