Some Democrats say ‘Chinese virus’ is racist but ‘Russian collusion’ is okay

Some Democrats say 'Chinese virus' is racist but 'Russian collusion' is okay 1

Democrats are ramping up their criticism of President Trump as well as their accusations of racism against him, as he rises in the polls over his handling of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The latest Democrat fury has arisen from the president’s insistence on calling the disease the “Chinese virus,” a term that has also been lambasted by many in the ‘mainstream media.’

More recently, hundreds of Asian-Americans have claimed they are being targeted and blamed for the virus, which has prompted several complaints to and subsequent investigations by police departments.

“We will document and investigate every reported hate crime,” stated Chief Carmen Best of the Seattle Police Department, according to OANN. “Even racist name-calling should be reported to police, we take this information very seriously.”

For example, OANN notes, another phrase that is similar to “Chinese virus” that remains popular in the media and among Democrats is “Russian collusion.”

But unlike coronavirus, which actually originated in China, there was never any proven collusion between Russia and the 2016 Trump campaign, as noted by former special counsel Robert Mueller.

That lack of finding, however, has not deterred Democrats from continuing to use the phrase and further criticize everything ‘Russian,’ OANN reports.

“We need to take congressional action against the Russians,” said Dave Hanson, (D) former Virginia Beach city manager, OANN noted.

But those statements, though they garner complaints from Russian-born citizens and residents of the U.S., don’t result in police investigations, despite what appears to be similarly blatant bigotry.

“We don’t close anything to them, and we live here peacefully and we don’t do anything to be punished like that,” Eli Chernyshov, a Russian living in the U.S., told the network.

Some Democrats say ‘Chinese virus’ is racist but ‘Russian collusion’ is okay

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