Democrats won’t want an 80-Year-Old in decline if they lose House and Senate: Ari Fleisher

Former White House press secretaries Ari Fleischer and Kayleigh McEnany discuss the 2022 midterms and what could happen with Democrats and President Joe Biden during an episode of Hannity’s show.


Partial transcript: “It’s very in touch with the man on the street, the woman on the street, the people for all these years now were just fed up with everything that’s going on nothing’s going better and then Joe Biden came along and made all these promises fumbled, and fumbled his way through everything…
Look, let me break down the Biden numbers in two different ways for 2022 the midterm election nothing was in a change it. The historical tide against parties in the first term of a presidency combined with all of Biden’s problems in the nation’s problems it’s already the kiss of death for the Democrats…
“For 2024, history tells us that presidents who lose and get clobbered in the midterm can come back as Bill Clinton did and Barack Obama did, but Joe Biden can’t. And the reason Sean I say that with such assurance is the Democrat Party is not going to want an 80-year-old in decline to lead the party particularly after they lose the House and the Senate and when he is so unpopular…
Even if things turn around two years in the economy seems to get strong things change Joe Biden will not be at the helm of the Democratic Party it just will not happen.”

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