In the wake of several shootings in Philadelphia this weekend, top city leaders called on the general public to assist them in finding, arresting and convicting those illegally using guns. Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner made the call for the public to support bringing to justice those who shoot and kill others. “People in the community know who is doing this or has done this. We’re not asking you to put yourself out there on television,” Krasner said. “We want you to pick up the phone, make an anonymous call to our folks here. Just give us a lead so we can start tracking down those leads and bringing these people to justice,” he added.

Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw said that the officers are doing their best to stop the violence even though the department has a number of vacant positions. According to Outlaw, investigators need members of the public to step forward and identify those responsible. “Our officers and our investigators will not stop until we apprehend all of those who are responsible for bringing harm to our innocent people here in this beautiful city,” she stated.

Veronica Joyner of the Mathematics, Civics and Sciences Charter School on North Broad Street claims that there is an out-of-control trend of youth involved in shootings. “I have been an educator for 51 years and I see this problem growing and they are younger and younger students, so people if you are listening begin to report what you see,” she declared. “We have to solve this problem as well as our commissioner and our mayor.”

Just days ago, a 14-year-old is facing charges after the fatal shooting of a recreation center employee. Tiffany Fletcher was caught in the crossfire of the shooting while working at the Mill Creek Recreation Center and died, said a report on WHYY.

The victim’s family attended the press conference and appealed to the public to help identify the unarrested suspects. Her family is requesting help from the public, “Please. We need help, we need help. We wanna see justice, not just for us but for our children. If you know something, say something,” said one of Tiffany Fletcher’s nieces Monday morning.

In a separate case, a 14-year-old was indicted for a shooting earlier this year. According to Krasner, the juvenile was ordered to undergo “treatment, rehabilitation, and supervision” after a non-jury trial. The juvenile’s name has not been released.

According to PPD figures, the city had reached 384 homicides. In comparison, that number is 4% higher than in 2021, which ended up being the most murderous year in Philadelphia’s recorded history. Mayor Jim Kenney recently said that without the help of the public, fatal shootings will keep happening.

In an attempt to tighten gun regulations within the city limits, the city has sued the state of Pennsylvania. At present, only the state can approve any changes to gun laws. Also, convenience store employees in Philadelphia have asked for more assistance from police in stopping the brazen robberies and vandalism that have plagued shops across the city.

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