Harriet Holman, a former Army lieutenant colonel and member of a local South Carolina council, is abandoning the Democratic Party and campaigning for reelection as a Republican. Holman stated in an interview with “Fox & Friends First” that there were several things with which she no longer agreed. Apparently, she is pro-life now, a capitalist, and a supporter of police funding. Democrats like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are likely to be unhappy with Holman’s move to the Republican Party.

Holman continued to say that she believed Republicans would grow their numbers in communities where African-Americans were the majority. Holman stated that since her military retirement, she has become more involved in her community. She observed policies that she didn’t agree with and chose to switch to the Republican Party.

The Dorchester County council member emphasized that the decision wasn’t easy to make since she saw Democrats as her family. After discussing the issue with the people closest to her, she decided to ditch Democrats and choose Republicans, as reported.

Meanwhile, in an op-ed published Tuesday, ex-New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg warned that Democrats were heading for a wipeout in November’s midterm elections. Democrats, he claims, should cease focusing on political correctness and cultural warfare.

Holman concluded that Democrats should focus on inflation that has hit the highest point since 1982.

In her opinion, Republicans realized that the inflation issue was the essential one, and she shared their concerns and struggles to assist the citizens. She concluded by saying that the party simply needed to help people overcome the fact that inflation was currently a significant part of their lives.

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